Otho SS16 Press Release


For its spring/summer 2016 collection, Otho reimagines its core principles of utilitarian menswear designed specifically for women.


Heavily inspired by modern-day skating’s languid fits and keen sense of style, Otho presents a collection of oversized shapes, which subvert imposed gender roles. As the backbone of this presentation, wide-leg jeans with thick turn-ups are paired with boxy, multi-pocketed jean jackets.


Otho’s signature denim jumpsuit punctuates this minimalistic collection; its clean shoulder straps and backless cut accentuating femininity within a masculine construct. An agile simplicity is encouraged with muted navy, grey and white hues dominating the collection’s palette.


Classic oversized shirts are expertly tailored to women’s frames, whilst retaining menswear refinement. A fuchsia cotton trouser acts as an irreverent splash of colour, threading in Otho’s love of a carefree streak.


Finalising this vision, Otho collaborated with photographer Nina Manandhar to produce an intimate, youthful vision of the collection in a quintessentially British suburban setting.


Bwalya Newton